Star Walk

Star Walk, Inducted 2018, Music

Todd Kerns calls British Columbia his home after spending most of his formative musical career in Vancouver. Todd Kerns was the front man for the band The Age of Electric, which received a Gold Record for the album Make a Pest a Pet. Todd has also appeared on numerous albums solidifying himself as one of Canada’s most dependable vocalists. He has produced and written with numerous artists.

Internationally, Todd has been able to bring attention to the BC music scene while on tour with guitar hero, Slash. He has also joined projects with Bob and Bruce Kulick of KISS and performed with Raiding the Rock Vault, which resulted with him receiving the key to the city of Branson, Missouri. To further Canadian music on an international stage, Kerns, along with other superpower Canadian musicians have created Toque, which covers the best of Canadian rock

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