Star Walk

Pioneer, Inducted 2010
Miles Ramsay was born in Takoma Park, Maryland in a suburb of Washington D.C in 1941. Miles attended Cal State University and UCLA, majoring in music with a minor in English. Before finishing his courses he spent the next chapter of life criss-crossing the United States as the lead singer and drummer in a lounge band. Miles settled in Vancouver, where he formed a partnership with Brian Gibson & Brian Griffiths in the mid-sixties and the three produced more than four thousand jingles, TV themes, movie scores and event themes for their world wide clientele during the four decades of their partnership. Along the way they built Vancouver's legendary Little Mountain Sound Company recording studios. Miles' most famous composition is the Great Root Bear theme for A&W,
which has been played by every high school tuba player since 1973. Miles has been a choral singer virtually all his life, lending his vocal talents to the Roger Wagner Chorale, The Little Mountain Singers, Phoenix Chamber Choir, Chor Leoni Men's Choir and others. He was co-star (Oscar Madison) of the Arts Club Theater production of "The Odd Couple" In 2000, which was directed by Bill Millerd and enjoyed over 100 sold-out performances. In 2002 he was co-star (Horace Vandergelder) of the Royal City Theater production of "Hello Dolly", directed by Ed Harris with 22 sold-out performances He has also arranged countless classics for choirs literally all over the world. In 2003 Miles retired from Griffiths Gibson & Ramsay Productions, hopped on the 200 foot tall ship Picton Castle, and sailed around the world. Upon his return he threw himself back into choral music and has completed several choral arrangements, and two additional
European tours with Phoenix Chamber Choir to date. In 2009 he retired from active choral singing. Miles now resides in Madeira Park, B. C.
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