Star Walk

Pioneer, Music, Deceased
A talented musician born in Vancouver was Sandy DeSantis, a popular band leader and trumpeter extraordinaire. He began his professional gig in the 1930's at the Venice Cafe on Main and Broadway. Himie Singer built the renowned Palomar Ballroom during that time, opening a spectacular new venue for music and dancing and he hired Sandy to conduct the band. Dal Richards joined Sandy and his band in 1938 and ended up leading the band when Himie and Sandy had a serious falling out and Sandy left town to lead the orchestra at the tony Gatineau Club in Hull, PQ. Dal continued in that role for two years when he was offered the chance to become the maestro and perform with his orchestra at the posh Panorama Roof. Sandy eventually returned to Vancouver and bought out the owner of The Palomar in the early 1950's. He was the feature performer with his orchestra until the club closed.....
Posted: Jun-11-2012