Star Walk

Deceased, Inducted 2006, Star Walk, Theatre
Doris Chillcott was born in December 29, 1930.Ms. Chillcott was one of Vancouver's most respected teachers and actors. Her long career included performing with the Everyman Players, the Playhouse Theatre Company, the Arts Club Theatre (where she was critically praised for many of her leading roles) - as well as being part of the Dorothy Somerset/John Brockington years at the UBC Theatre Department . Doris performed in professional theatres across Canada including the Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg and the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. She was also active with CBC radio and appeared in several television productions. In her later years, Doris taught in the Vancouver School Board system bringing the joy of theatre and the performing arts to her students. She was instrumental in setting up a program in Vancouver School in order to bring young people to see live theatre. Doris' commitment and passion for the arts was an inspiration for everyone as she continued to perform with such companies as Western Gold Theatre Co., in her later years. Doris died in November 19, 2006....
Posted: May-30-2011