Star Walk

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Thor Arngrim was born in Saskatchewan. Thor began his theatrical career in school plays and by the time he was 16 was cast in his first professional production. Arngrim performed in the original 1956 Broadway production of "Tamburlaine the Great" directed by Tyrone Guthrie and in the 1964 Tony-winning production of "Luther" starring Albert Finney, produced by David Merrick and in Tyrone Guthrie's Oedipus. In 1951 Thor cofounded the pioneer Totem Theatre in Vancouver. He married actor Norma McMillan ( who voiced Gumby and Caspar the Ghost). They had two children, Allison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie) and producer Stefan Arngrim. Thor performed at the Mountain Playhouse in Montreal for several seasons and produced a National Film Board film for CBC-TV. Thor enjoyed roles in over a hundred plays as the romantic lead, or as both good and bad priests in many of them. In his Hollywood and New York period, he was both a producer and manager and his clients included Beatrice Lillie and Liberace. Arngrim, who served as personal manager to the likes of Liberace and Debbie Reynolds also managed his childrens' careers. On his return to Vancouver, he produced Don Juan in Hell for Western Gold Theatre, directed by Joy Coghill and starring Douglas Campbell, Mavor Moore and Betty Philips. These productions represent a few of the highlights of an outstanding theatre career that spanned over 60 years across North America. Thor died December 16, 2009 at age 81....
Posted: Jun-29-2011