Star Walk

Radio, Deceased, Pioneer
Andrew Allen (1907-1974) was instrumental in creating "The Golden Age of Radio Drama" in Canada, which enabled many other careers in acting and directing.  He joined the CBC in Vancouver in 1942 and produced over 400 works until 1956, notably for the "Stage" series. Allan was the national head of CBC Radio Drama from 1943 to 1955. He oversaw the work of some of the finest talents of the day. After attempting television, which he didn't like, he returned to theatre as the first artistic director of the Shaw Festival. Allan continued to write, act and direct in radio and television, and was a twice weekly guest commentator on the Bruno Gerussi radio show from 1967 until 1970  His old wooden armchair, was an icon at CBC Radio's Toronto headquarters. It sat on a pedestal outside the drama recording studio and was handed down from one head of drama to the next....
Posted: Mar-1-2012