June 14, 2018
June (Govier) Coard Remembered
June Coard’s accordian at her memorial
June Coard’s accordian at her memorial
Christina Potter

Another legend in Vancouver's entertainment history is gone. We bid farewell to June last month at a celebration of life which included a beautiful video and pictoral tribute to her life, sharing of memories, and many live musical performances by her friends, family and the Weaver / Werth Trio. 

In 1947 together with Terry and Betty Haswell, June and Bob Coard (some of the city’s top entertainers at the time) started the Backstage Club, where all the big acts passing through town to play the Cave, Izzy’s or Duke’s Cabaret would stop by for an evening of professional camaraderie. Some of those included Sammy Davis Jr and Billy Holiday.

Thank-you June for your tremendous contribution to Vancouver's rich and abundant entertainment history.



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