August 4, 2017
Farewell Jack Card

The "Best of the Best" passes! Jack Card one of the first inductees into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame has past away and will be remembered by so many professional singers and dancers in British Columbia. President Rob Haynes was quoted "Jack gave me one of my first breaks at Isy's Night Club. He was flamboyant, cleaver, artistic and a one of a kind. It brings tears to my eyes thinking we have lost another pillar of our historic artistic community" Jack Card has had an amazing show business career. He began in the 1950s as a featured singer and dancer at Vancouver's Cave Supper Club and within two years was staging and choreographing his own company. Jack's dancers played The Cave and Isy's Cabaret for 18 years, during which time Jack developed units of singers and dancers to back big-name stars on their tours to top clubs and theatres in almost every North American city. In addition to television productions and main-room productions, he has also worked with the Vancouver, Portland and Oregon Symphonies. Jack will be missed by so many in the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame.

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