July 28, 2017
Announcing 2017 Honourees to the Hall of Fame!

The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame today announced its 2017 inductees! These seven new StarWalk Stars and two Pioneer Stars will join the 275+ previous inductees who have been recognized for their significant contribution to the province’s entertainment industry and cultural landscape.

The BCEHOF is divided into two prestigious categories: StarWalk and Pioneers

The StarWalk inductees are individuals who have enhanced the province’s cultural profile, both locally and on the world stage.

The 2017 StarWalk inductees are:

Choreographer Valerie Easton

Country Singer Gary Fjellgaard

Members of the Band 54∙40

Singer/songwriter Roy Forbes (Bim)

Musical Director and Performer Diane Lines

Film Producer Kirk Shaw

Actor Jerry Wasserman

The Pioneer inductees are those who have left an indelible mark on BC’s entertainment landscape and this year include:

Singer Doug Cox 

Nightclub Owners Isy Walters and Richard Walters.

“The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame is proud and excited to present a very diverse and impressive group of Pioneer and StarWalk inductees who represent artistic excellence in British Columbia,”, stated President Rob Haynes. “We look forward to scheduling and celebrating their individual inductions at various high profile events over the coming months to honour their contribution.” StarWalk Star members are recognized with a featured star on the Walk of Fame on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver and on the StarWall Gallery in the historic Orpheum Theatre upper lobby. Pioneer Star members are acknowledged on the Honour Plaque in the Orpheum lobby.

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The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame is proud to acknowledge these outstanding individuals with appreciation to ensure their work is recognized for its importance and value.

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